Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Gritty stuff!

Yesterday I decided to buy a magazine. With the lack of decency in Kerrang! these days - I decided to pass on wasting my money on it (although I did pick it up a few months ago when Faith No More graced the cover!). Anyway, I was browsing through the music magazine section of WHSmith and saw "Big Cheese Magazine" - it looked promising, ignoring the fact it had Gallows on the cover (not a fan) it also mentioned I could win Download tickets, Metallica, No Doubt and promised me a variation of the normal alt-mag stuff. Free with this magazine I also had a CD of the new single from London-based punk rock band The Grit.
Having never heard the band before I thought I'd listen good and do a review! The single Let Me Take You For A Ride was pretty good. Some heavy guitar chords, distinctive sound, suprisingly good singing mixed with shouting. However, the second song on the single, Lunatics was what got me jumping about. Particularly reminisant of Rancid, citing one of their main influences as The Clash (Rancid are known for being major fans) and you can really hear it. The third song on the Cd, Mayday is somewhat slower and slightly more laid back, reggae-influenced sound and the last track Stuck in Streatham is particularly Clash-sounding.

All in all I'd rate the CD single a rockin' 7/10. I have a new love for this band!
Check them out on myspace: where you can find the brilliant album title track 'Straight out of the Alley' (sounds a little madness-esque to me) and 'Cast Your Mind Back'.

The Grit are playing in TJ's Newport on Friday the 29th May so come down and check them out! Review of gig should be up soon! :)

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