Friday, 17 February 2012


Okay so i have decided that all posts from this blog will be put up on my personal blog... and this site will be reserved exclusively for music posts, if and when I can be bothered to put music posts up. please see my personal blog and (my horror blog) for newer posts! I love this layout but alas the name breakmyears doesn't really have any room for much more than that related to rants and music... oh i don't know! I just can't keep up with all my blogs! hahaha...

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Who? Mad Sin, of course.
Sounds Like? The Damned Meets Elvis
Where? The Fleece, Bristol
When? Friday, September 10th, 2010

As an avid fan of psychobilly, I am a bit of a regular to the scene. Mad Sin are one of the majors in the league of the genre that merges rockabilly and punk hailing from Germany, I'd even go as far to say they are the kings of psychobilly. It is easy to see why they are so influencial, with their theatrical stage presence and horror b-movie themed lyrics, they are a treat to watch. Horror inspired lyrics and dress have since become a staple of psychobilly fashion and music.
Heading to Bristol I knew I was in for a great show, but it outdid expectations with a brilliant list of support acts - Kings of Outer Space (a fellow psychobilly band), Speed Kings and Control (pegged as street punk rejects and delivered a great set of Oi! and got me dancing like crazy). I was already in the mood for a good gig after Control inspired me with their Casualties-style mix of skinhead street punk - always good to have a support act that is up to the challenge of stirring up the crowd!
Mad Sin started with a bang, almost literally. The crowd was straight to their feet and full of rock n' roll spirit. My boyfriend was never a great fan of psychobilly - he is more of a ska punk sort of man (The Specials and the like), however, I am pretty convinced he has been converted after the kings that are Mad Sin! Not many bands can inspire such a unity in the crowd.
Definitely a band to check out, and I am looking forward to Rebellion 2011, where I am sure they will steal the show again!

Verdict? 10/10 Whether or not you enjoy psychobilly, or have even ever heard of it, this gig will get even your grandad moving!

Thursday, 5 August 2010


Who? The Aggrolites!!
A Californian five piece reggae band.
Known for? The song Dirty Reggae, found on Hellcat Records Give 'Em Boot Volume 4 and their collaberation with Rancid singer Tim Armstrong for his solo album A Poet's Life.

Where? The Croft, Bristol
When? 02/08/10

I've liked the Aggrolites for a number of years now but never managed to catch them live. The ticket cost me a whopping great £15 and let me tell you, it was worth every penny.
The Croft pub is a fantastic venue for punk gigs, Bristol is lucky enough to have quite a few brilliant venues, but I have particularly become fond of this one. On entering I instantly fell in love with the concert poster art plastered all over the walls, of which, I discovered is made directly above the pub by a small independant company Jacknife. Got to get me some of those masterpieces when I have the money! Once I'd admired the posters and drank a pint of cider I entered a very small room where a ska band was playing, time to get another drink I thought! Pretty standard local band, might as well save my ears and energy for the Californian reggae band, and boy am I glad I did!
The guys stole the show as expected. I don't think there was a soul not skanking their heart out to the beat of Mr. Misery or Dirty Reggae. Mate of mine, Drew, had previously been up on stage with the band at another gig at the Croft when they recognised him for his covers on youtube (watch here) of which they'd apparently been introduced to by one of the bands family members - oh the power of technology! They spotted him again and he joined them up on stage for a rendition of Faster Bullet and fair play Drew, you nailed it!
After what must have been over an hour of playing, the audience beckoned the band back for more with a chant of A-G-G-R-O a-g-g-r-o aggro! - Lyrics to the song they proceeded to play plus a few more. I couldn't fault them one little bit- they played all my favourites, gave in to the crowds demands and their stage presence was just brilliant - I think I might have even developed a minor crush on the lead singer (yes, he was just THAT charismatic!) I also got a hug off him at the end of the night - all in all, a night well spent!

Verdict? 10/10 Will I be rushing to see them next time? Hell yes! And buying the t-shirt... again and again!

Monday, 29 March 2010


Why hello my devoted followers (hahaha) just wanted to say that i found THIS a while ago and have now decided to stick it up on here :D woop! Check it out.

Friday, 26 March 2010


Sunday 14th March @ The Old Library

New(ish) venue, The Old Library is proving to be a good 'un. Swedish pop punk rockabilly psychobilly trio The Peacocks didn't quite bring in the crowd we'd have hoped but nevertheless, the gig was brilliant. Support came from valley's boys 8.4% and Deadbeat Deluxe. Plenty of rock n' roll, pyschobilly covers from 8.4% set the tone for the night, and warmed up the crowd for the Peacocks. Personally I am a pyschobilly fan, and even though I am not particularly knowledgable about the Peacocks, I had heard a few tunes and knew I was in for a decent show. The show out did expectations, however. Even with the venue half empty there was a great atmosphere in the room. People were up dancing, and for an empty gig that's a good achievement. I've seen some great bands who haven't managed to get people on their feet for lack of confidence in an empty room. So guys, if you have the chance, rockabilly/psychobilly fan or not, go see the Peacocks. I'd also reccomend the support acts too, if your a South Wales local!

My verdict... 8/10

Monday, 8 March 2010

Finally, an update!!

Well, I know this blog has been sitting pretty for the last god knows how many months, but here we go, I am back and I have a whole load of shit to complain and rant about! Woop!

Firstly, myself and Graveyard Jimmy had a fantastic Punk Rock Midnight show at Xpress radio (Cardiff university's student radio station) that was tragically cancelled because the man pulled it down. Obviously, there still isn't room for punk rock in a world of the idiot majority. I don't see what harm a midnight show that few people bother to listen to would do to keep on. Honestly, they wouldn't even notice we were airing. Fear not my dedicated followers (ie. nobody) Jimmy and I had a plan... a podcast! Anyone with any great knowledge of how to set one of these up, or any knowledge at all please get in contact with me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am currently reading about a thousand books at the moment, including one that everyone should read: Female Chauvinist Pigs that I attempted to read a few years back but got so incredibly frustrated by stopped (frustrated in a good way though.. the kind of frustration you get with reading about the insane amount of sexism that is stuff rife in our society, ney our world. Also a new book Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism, both very good and very relevant reading if you had any moral or political conscience.

Anyone interested in starting up a riot grrl zine please email!

That is all for now, gig reviews up soon!

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Anyone wana get involved with a low budget horror flick? it's gonna be sweet. gimme a buzz at my myspace HERE if you would like to get involved in anything, we need as many people as possible!!