Monday, 8 March 2010

Finally, an update!!

Well, I know this blog has been sitting pretty for the last god knows how many months, but here we go, I am back and I have a whole load of shit to complain and rant about! Woop!

Firstly, myself and Graveyard Jimmy had a fantastic Punk Rock Midnight show at Xpress radio (Cardiff university's student radio station) that was tragically cancelled because the man pulled it down. Obviously, there still isn't room for punk rock in a world of the idiot majority. I don't see what harm a midnight show that few people bother to listen to would do to keep on. Honestly, they wouldn't even notice we were airing. Fear not my dedicated followers (ie. nobody) Jimmy and I had a plan... a podcast! Anyone with any great knowledge of how to set one of these up, or any knowledge at all please get in contact with me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I am currently reading about a thousand books at the moment, including one that everyone should read: Female Chauvinist Pigs that I attempted to read a few years back but got so incredibly frustrated by stopped (frustrated in a good way though.. the kind of frustration you get with reading about the insane amount of sexism that is stuff rife in our society, ney our world. Also a new book Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism, both very good and very relevant reading if you had any moral or political conscience.

Anyone interested in starting up a riot grrl zine please email!

That is all for now, gig reviews up soon!

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