Friday, 5 June 2009

Future of the Left

Clwb Ifor Bach 25/05/09

Also featuring Pulled Apart By Horses

I took some pictures of this gig, but unfortunately I have lost the camera cable, so they will not be up until some time soon in the future! I went to this gig having no prior knowledge of who or what Future of the Left were, but as usual I just tagged along anyway. It turns out they are an alternative local band (from Cardiff). They have an oddly indie/screamo/techno sound, and after checking out their music on myspace, I wasn't convinced, even by my friends constant nagging that they are the greatest band ever. No, they really are not, in fact I feel sort of embarrassed with the knowledge they come from Cardiff. However, from checking out their future tour dates and realising how big the font was for their name on their headlining tour poster... it appears they are rather successful. If you are into the sort of repetitive drown of techno beats mixed with shouting (ha, I am not) then check them out at I, however, was more impressed by Pulled Apart By Horses. I previously saw them at Cardiff Barfly and wasn't particularly impressed, this time they rocked. Hailing from Leeds, I felt the live set of Pulled Apart was brilliant, it was more energetic and hectic and that is how I like my gigs to be! Check out their myspace or official site for more details - and to you lucky bitches who are going to Download this year... *evil glare* Pulled Apart By Horses will be there, so be sure to check them out!

Rating? a secure 5.5/10... lower due to the boredom I faced during Future of the Left's set.. sorry :(

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