Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Rolo Tomassi

Cardiff Barfly 29/4/09

Having never heard Rolo Tomassi before my friend asked if I would like to join him in seeing their gig, I was intreged by their sound. The support acts, "Pulled Apart By Horses" and "Grammatics" were, well fairly unoriginal 'please hand me another drink' sort of acts - or at least the "Grammatics" were. They did not break my ears (in the good sense - hard, rocking, emotional, pounding brilliance) they just irritated me to the point that I sat down and tried to ignore them, like you do a nagging child. However, it was worth standing through them to hear Rolo Tomassi, not because I felt they were ear breaking, but because I thought their music was pretty crazy, and I love hearing crazy shit that makes me question what music really is. Eva, the lead female singer danced wildly across the stage screaming as loud as she could, words I could not for the life of me understand. They are the kind of band you wish you were in. Jump madly, release all your agression - sounds good to me. Their music does not fit their vocals, but I found that oddly quirky. I'd reccomend going to see them for a night out, get drunk, jump about, but they did not break my ears, and i wouldn't buy their CD.

Rating: 4/10, a little too postmodern for my ears.

P.S. Check out Eva's accessories, she makes headbands, clips, bags, etc and sells them at the gig (I was super impressed at this idea!)

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